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industrial, ballistics & BLAST PROTECTION

AFT offers the following blast protection products: armor fabrics, blast panels for personnel and vehicle protection, portable threat isolation panels systems, thermal protection systems,

aviation and space applications, advanced high strength and ultra-lightweight material systems.

Blast panels/armor plates:  rigid/semi-rigid armor plates providing protection against small arms fire and fragments.
Heavy duty structural blast panels

Blast protection for mobile field facilities:  rapidly deployable covers to protect structures against RPG and incoming fire,  
application including self-sealing fuel tanks for bullet and fragment impacts

Reactive protective gear – boots, helmets, gloves, utilizing shear thickening fluids and/or highly compressive foams that react and strengthen in response to impact

AFT’s Xtegra auxetic fabrics has many benefits in a wide spectrum of commercial applications.  Xtegra, when combined with other specialized materials, provides fabric systems with tailorable characteristics including high tensile & fracture strength, to include very high thermal tolerance in a lightweight product.

Xtegra auxetic fabrics are combined with fibers to provide high strength, lightweight materials for military and public safety blast protective applications.

Xtegra fabrics are compatible with nanotechnology to provide “Smart Fabrics” with a wide range of medical applications, including monitoring, status reporting and autonomous triage.
Xtegra 1
Xtegra Nylon
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Xtegra 3
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